At Bailey’s Court Primary School, we believe that English lessons should be fun, engaging and provide the opportunity for pupils to be ambitious and reach their full potential.

Reading is at the centre of our English learning. By immersing our children in high quality texts, we also aim to stimulate imaginative writing, especially through the adoption of ‘Power of Reading’ in our lessons. Furthermore, by accessing a range of texts, pupils develop a ‘love of reading’, widen their vocabulary, and have the opportunity to increase their confidence at asking and answering comprehension questions.

In addition to carefully selected texts, our writing lessons are based on other stimuli, including short films and real-life experiences, so that pupils have the opportunity to write in a range of genres for different purposes. Throughout the school, the children are encouraged to explore the chosen stimulus using a variety of ‘Talk for Writing’ strategies such as role play, oral rehearsal of sentences and hot seating before embarking on precise vocabulary and grammar learning linked to the text type. Embedded in the pupil’s learning journey, are the key skills of editing and revising, which allow our children to become reflective and independent authors. 


Developing reading and writing is a key priority for all of our children. Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 use Supersonic Phonic Friends in order to develop their phonics, reading and writing skills. We use the Pearson Bug Club reading scheme to develop children’s reading across the school and their intervention schemes: Rapid Reading and Rapid Phonics to support children who need additional help. In Key Stage Two, we use an online programme called Reading Wise which focuses on developing decoding skills within reading.  We also have a team of dedicated Reading Rangers who support our children in developing their reading fluency and comprehension. 

Below are a number of useful documents designed to help parents understand what is taught. There are also a number of other documents and website links to help parents support their child with maths and English. CGP offer a number of inexpensive publications linked to the National Curriculum which parents might find useful if they want to support their children further. These are available online or from most educational bookshops.


Curriculum English Objectives by Year Group


Reading Comprehension Guidelines

Spelling Guidelines by Year Group

Writing Assessment Expectations by Year Group

Useful Documents