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  Our PE days are a Monday & Friday.

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Our book change day is a Wednesday.

Our class book is:

The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

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Term 1 Summary

Our Geography topic this term is “Why are rainforests important to us?”.  We will be developing the children’s understanding of biomes, ecosystems and tropics.  The children will be mapping features of the Amazon rainforest and learning about its layers; investigating how communities in Manaus use the Amazon’s resources; discussing the global human impact on the Amazon and carrying out fieldwork to compare and contrast two types of forest.

In Science, our focus will be on “Animals: Digestion and Food”.  Children will learn the functions of key organs in the digestive system; the types of human teeth and we will investigate factors that impact our dental health.  We will also compare human teeth to those of other animals and make deductions as to the animal’s diet.

In English we will be reading “Jemmy Button” by Jennifer Uman, Alix Barzalay and Valerio Vidali.  We will discuss issues raised in the story and the children will be encouraged to express their opinion both orally and in writing.  We will also use the story to inspire the children’s creative, descriptive writing.  Later this term, we will be learning how to write clear explanation texts through our science focus on digestion.  

This term’s Maths will focus on the place value of numbers with up to 4-digits.  In doing so, children will be asked to order and compare numbers; count on and back in multiples and solve problems involving place value.  We will then move onto learning formal columnar methods for addition and subtraction.  Throughout the term, we will learn and practise the times tables up to 12x.

In Religious Education we will focus on Judaism and the relationship between God and the Jewish people.

For Art, we will be investigating the jungle-inspired paintings of Henry Rousseau.  We will then use these as inspiration for our own printed artwork.

Our Physical Education will focus on developing the children’s gymnastic skills as well as learning how to use a tennis racket with increasing confidence and accuracy.