Class 10 = Canada                  Class 11 = Jamaica

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Reading Ranger

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  Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.

A Better Start to Reading | edX

Our book change day is a Wednesday.

Our class book is:

Head Kid by David Baddiel

War Game by Michael Foreman (during Remembrance Week)

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Term 2 Summary

Our topic this term is ‘Glorious Greeks’ and we will be starting by looking at the designs of Greek shields and then making our very own as our ‘Big Buzz’ to kick start the topic!

Our key Questions for this term are:

When was the Ancient Greek era and where in the world was the Ancient Greek Empire?

What were the Ancient Greek Olympics like?

What was life like in Ancient Greece?

What are the legacies of the Ancient Greek Empire?

How is effective food packaging designed and made?

Alongside this, we will be linking our first English unit, instruction writing, with some cooking and a DT project all about ‘Packaging’. We will be looking at how real packaging is constructed, learning about what makes different fonts appealing to the consumer and then designing and making our own boxes to hold the truffles that we make. We will also be continuing to work on our word processing skills and then applying them in other subject areas such as labelling a Greek soldier in History.

This term will also see us start learning some Spanish! We will be counting up to 20 and learning how to introduce ourselves.

Term 1 Summary

Our topic this term is ‘Light and Shade’ and it will have a Science and Art focus. 

Our key Questions are:

What is light and where does it come from?

How are shadows formed?

Why do shadows change?

How do artists use pencils to show light and shade?

Key vocab:transparent, translucent, opaque, light source, reflection

Alongside this, some of the other things we will be doing are learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali, checking on our word processing skills and singing some new songs using our online ‘Sing Up’ scheme for Music.

This term also sees our first Forest School week, where each class will visit Hortham Farm for 2 days and take part in exciting outdoor learning activities and opportunities.