Class 15 = Jamaica    Class 16 = Malaysia

Miss Hendricks


Mrs McClelland


Mrs Weeks


Mrs Roy

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Eccott

SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs Salisbury

SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kroll

SEN Teaching Assistant

Mrs Mirreh

SEN Teaching Assistant

Mr Handley

Interventions Teacher

Mrs Clayton

Reading Ranger

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  Our PE days are Wednesday & Friday.

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Our book change day is a Thursday.

Our class book is:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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Term 1 Summary

To kick start our year, we will be spending the first week learning all about our different countries, Class Jamaica will be exploring Jamaican food, reggae music and landscape. Class Malaysia will be exploring Malaysian fashion, food and culture. We will also be focusing on our school learning skills and doing some lessons around these, such as the egg cup challenge for teamwork! Our learning skills are:

  • Show resilience
  • Can work in teams
  • Communicate effectively
  • Always show curiosity
  • Are ready to learn
  • Make connections
  • Show creativity
  • Take responsibility
  • Can be independent learners


For our topic learning the focus will be on ‘What was life like in Tudor England?’ This will involve the following key questions:

Fair ruler or tyrant? What was Henry VIII really like? 

Why was Anne Boleyn killed?

Why did Henry VII have so many wives? 

What was a Royal Progress and what was it like?

What can inventories tell us about what life was like in Tudor times?

For our first term in Year 5 we will be transported back to Tudor England. We will learn to use historical sources to extract information about Henry VIII, interpret information about Anne Boleyn and make deductions using inventories. 

In Science we will be learning about mixtures and separation and conducting our own experiments. We will suggest which variables to change, measure and control when investigating how temperature affects the time taken to dissolve. We will also be using our researching skills and discovering about different materials and their properties. 

One of our English units will be based around Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone which is also our Class Book. We will be using descriptive language to showcase key parts in the story such as Diagon Alley and Hogwarts.