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  Our PE days are Thursday and Friday.

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Our book change day is a Thursday.

Our class book is:

The Outlaw Varjak Paw by S.F. Said

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Term 2 Summary

Our Topic this term is Geography themed. We will be investigating the physical and human geography of Brazil and making comparisons with England.  In doing so, we will study the city of Rio de Janeiro and focus on the differences between the lives of the rich and poor.  We will also be looking at the different geographical regions of the country including: the Amazonia, Pantanal, Mata Atlantica, the Cerrado, Catinga and the Pampas.  When studying England, we will be identifying key physical features such as the major rivers, lowlands, mountains and agricultural areas.  We will also be using maps to locate major towns and cities. In doing so, we will discuss reasons for the development of some of England’s biggest cities.  Finally, we will use graphs and tables to compare the climate of regions of Brazil and England.

In art, we will be studying the artwork of Brazilian artist Romero Britto.  We will create our own artwork based on some of his most famous paintings.

As part of our PE, we will be learning gymnastics, invasion games and street dancing. 

In Design Technology, we will be designing, making and evaluating our own drawstring bags

Term 1 Summary

Our topic this term is a comparison of The Maya and the Anglo-Saxons.It is primarily a History focus but we will also be looking at the geography of Central America.  Our key questions to be investigated are:

Who were the Mayans / Anglo-Saxons and where and when did they live?

How do we know about the Mayans / Anglo-Saxons?

How was Mayan / Anglo-Saxon society organised?

What did the Mayans / Anglo-Saxons  believe?

What was everyday life like in Mayan / Anglo-Saxons times?

Alongside our History topic, we will also be investigating how Sikhs demonstrate their commitment to their faith in Religious Education.  In PE, we will be practising tennis skills and Bollywood dance moves.  We will be singing sea shanties in Music and learning how to order breakfast in Spanish.  In computing, we are learning how to use a Jamboard to help us capture ideas in lessons.  We will also be thinking about how to communicate safely online and keeping personal details private.  We will also be looking at the environmental art work of Andy Goldsworthy and we’ll try to create our own original pieces.