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Class 2 = France          Class 3 = Denmark

  Our PE day is a Wednesday.

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Your child’s book change day is written inside of their Reading Record book.

Key texts for this term are:

Jack and the Beanstalk by Dorling Kindersley

The Gingerbread Man by Lesley Sims

Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow

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Term 5 Summary

Our topic this term is, ‘I wonder what happened Once Upon a Time?’

Using the Coronation of King Charles as a stimulus, we will be exploring castles, the history of the King and will even have a go at creating our own castles using our cardboard joins! We will be encouraging the children to use Historical language (such as past/present, modern/old/ancient) and will be comparing palaces through time.

We are also going to explore London using Google Earth and maps. We will then compare it to Bristol. The children will be able to identify similarities and differences between the two cities and say where they would prefer to live and why.

In English we will be learning all about Fairy Tales. We will be studying the stories of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We will be identifying things that are the same in all fairy tales and things that are different. We will also be developing our descriptive language and challenging the children to write independent sentences and captions. We are also going to explore the feelings of the characters using hot seating and drama. We will also be revisiting the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ through Drawing Club, with a focus on developing the character of the wolf.

In Maths, we are going to consolidate our understanding of numbers to 10, including composition, subitising and correct formation. We are then going to build beyond 10! We will be exploring how teens numbers are made from tens and ones and how we can show this using our Numicon, counters and other resources. We will also explore addition and subtraction and develop our understanding of number sentences. 

Our artist study this term is the wonderful Yayoi Kusama. We will be looking at her work, discussing what we like and dislike and then we will develop an understanding of how she uses colour to create her pieces. We will also use Google Earth to visit where she was born and where she created many pieces of her art. We will also use clay to create a pumpkin and paint it in the style of Kusama.

We will continue to use SingUp to develop the children’s understanding of music on a Wednesday afternoon. The children will be learning to invent movements to a piece of music and compose and perform a simple body percussion pattern. We will also be using our piano to teach the children how to play ‘God Save the King’ and will be using our Glockenspiels and ‘notation washing line’ to give the children the opportunity to compose their own music.

Our RE question for this term is ‘What can we learn from stories?’ We will be exploring stories from different cultures (such as ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’) and discussing the lessons that each story teaches us. 

We are very excited that this term is Sports Day! We will be developing the children’s Sports Day skills, including egg and spoon racing and different throwing and catching games! We will be learning how to be fantastic sports people to encourage everyone around us.

Term 4 Summary

Our Topic this term is:

 ‘I wonder how it’s made?’

We will be investigating how our food is made by:

  • Grinding our own flour to see how it goes from a grain to something we use to cook!
  • Making pancakes following our learning on Mama Panya’s Pancakes.
  • Investigating how food goes from the fields to our fork.
  • Visiting our wonderful cooks in the school kitchen and looking at all of the equipment they use to cook our delicious dinners.

We will be exploring how our buildings and objects are made by:

  • Revisiting past pictures of what the school looked like when it first opened.
  • Going on a learning walk around the school and investigating the different materials used and discussing why they were used.
  • Having the amazing Mr Winter visit us to give a demonstration on the tools he uses and what he makes.
  • Exploring different materials and expanding our vocabulary by using ambitious adjectives.


We will also be exploring the signs of Spring and we are hopefully going to be growing our own sunflowers!

Our focus artist this term is Esther Mahlangu. We will be exploring her art, the shapes she uses and trying to create our very own versions!



Term 3 Summary

This term we will be asking the question, ‘I Wonder Who Works There?’

Our main focus this term will be exploring different jobs, asking questions about what each job needs to be successful and interviewing members of our school community about their role. We are also looking forward to inviting our mummies and daddies into school to tell us about their jobs!

We are also going to visit our local library this term. This will give us the opportunity to learn about the job of a librarian, explore the joy of books and learn about how to borrow books from the library.

We will be developing our History knowledge and understanding by putting stories and events in chronological order.

We are also going to be exploring maps, introducing the term ‘Bird’s Eye View’, identifying local landmarks and beginning to draw simple maps of our classroom and school.

We will also be exploring how we can be healthy, including how important it is to look after our teeth. We will be learning about healthy and unhealthy food choices, how much sugar is in our food using the Change4Life app and how important exercise and sleep is for a healthy lifestyle.

We are also going to learn about Chinese New Year and build up to cooking our very own vegetable stir fry!

The children are going to be introduced to coding this term. We will be giving our beebots instructions, eventually building up to seeing if we can get them around a maze!

Our focus artist this term is Antony Gormley. We will be studying his ‘Field’ sculptures and comparing these to the Terracotta Warriors statues from China.

Term 2 Summary

Our ‘I wonder…’ question for the term is ‘I wonder how people celebrate’.

Our key questions to answer are:

  • What do people in our class celebrate?
  • How do different people celebrate?
  • What different celebrations are there?
  • Where in the world do the celebrations come from?

We will be introducing Drawing Club which is a very engaging and interactive way to teach English. The children will be learning some amazing and ambitious vocabulary and will be developing their understanding of mark making and early writing.

We will also be building up to our Christmas Performance which we are all very excited about!

Term 1 Summary

Our first term starts with us getting to know each other and learning the routines and rules of school. We explore the whole school and build relationships with the key adults.

We then move on to our main topic for the term, which is ‘I wonder what is in the sea?’.

Our key questions:

  • What animals live in the sea? Are they all the same?
  • Are there different seas/oceans and how can we look after them?
  • How has the seaside changed?
  • Who are the most famous pirates and where did they live?

We will be introducing and promoting our message centre, which encourages our children to mark make and give meanings to their marks. This is an early stage of writing. During this time, the children will learn about using ‘snappy fingers’ to hold their pencil and develop their fine and gross motor skills.

In the final few weeks of term, we will learn the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ in time for Harvest.