Wider Curriculum

At Bailey’s Court Primary School we teach all the subjects in the National Curriculum – a set of subjects used by primary schools so all children learn the same things – and we have also developed a ‘wider curriculum’ to compliment and extend the children’s learning. Every year we review our curriculum looking for new ways to enrich the experience our children have at school.

We have an ever-changing list of after-school activities including skipping, textiles, rugby and cricket. We also have our very popular performing arts club which showcases the talents of our young actors and singers.  Many of our enrichment activities take place during the school day including our visits to Mojo Active, our school camps, yoga, whole-class ukulele lessons and, of course, Forest School (aka Woodland Nurturing) and our ‘101 Things To Do Before Leaving Bailey’s Court Primary School’ challenge.

The wider curriculum gives us a chance to try out new and exciting activities with the children and to invite visitors into our school with special talents and skills to share. Often these ‘extras’ relate to the Arts and sports. Over the last two years, we have extended our PE curriculum to include archery, skateboarding and scooting. This year, we are planning to provide taster sessions in climbing and ice skating! 

We are always on the lookout for ways to widen our curriculum further and, in doing so, we hope to excite, engage and inspire our children.