Curriculum Intent

At Bailey’s Court Primary School, we take a collective and very serious approach to the development of the ‘whole child’. This is demonstrated by a highly inclusive, bold, forward thinking and ambitious curriculum that reflects the school’s vision statement:

  • Our children are happy, sociable and enthusiastic. They are motivated and inspired through challenging and creative learning experiences to become independent, confident and supportive learners.

  • Our children are open minded and curious about the world around them. They are equipped with skills and attitudes to help them embrace life-long learning in a changing world.

  • Our children are caring and respectful individuals who accept and value difference and change.

  • Our children enjoy a curriculum which is fun, broad, balanced and relevant in a learning environment which is safe and stimulating. They are encouraged to take risks and develop resilience.

  • Our children are well-informed on issues relating to the environment and the impact their actions can have. They have a sense of belonging and are committed to making a positive change to the local and global environment.

  • Our children have a positive self-identity, take pride in their learning and make informed choices with regard to their physical health, safety, mental well-being and their future.


High emphasis is placed on children receiving a broad and balanced curriculum in all year groups throughout the school, that meets the requirements of the national curriculum in full and also provides significant additional development opportunities designed to support every child’s holistic development. Strong emphasis is placed on all children gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in later life.

A careful balance is placed on providing sufficient time to effectively develop the academic achievement of our children (reading, writing and maths) alongside their emotional and social development.  Our curriculum is designed to be flexible and fun and respond to the needs and interests of the children. Opportunities for children’s SMSC are embedded throughout, as are opportunities to learn about and adopt British Values. As part of the school’s commitment to whole child development, significant time is set aside for all children to engage regularly in enrichment activities as well as a progressive and highly successful Woodland Nurturing programme.

Children’s learning throughout the curriculum is planned for and assessed against a challenging and progressive set of objectives, which fully meet the statutory skills and knowledge requirements of the national curriculum. Teaching is sequenced in a way that allows children to successfully achieve these objectives and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the next stage of their learning. The school receives regular yearly feedback from our three local secondary schools regarding how well prepared our pupils are when they begin the next stage of their learning journey at the beginning of Year 7.

The school takes a very inclusive approach and puts considerable resources into removing barriers to learning to ensure that all children can be successful. The school has a highly effective SEND and Inclusion Leader who coordinates and leads the school’s SEND and inclusion provision.