101 Things To Do Before I Leave Bailey's Court

This is the fifth year of our exciting ‘101’ project which was originally inspired by conversations we’ve had in school about our own vision and values and an initiative that we’ve borrowed from the National Trust! As we all know, children benefit hugely from playing together with friends and family, experiencing new things, building relationships with nature, being challenged physically and having fun! None of these ideas are new but our project will offer a series of challenges for all of our children from Reception to Year 6 that will build, amongst other things, resilience, a sense of responsibility and some fabulous memories.

We have built our own version based around five core values from our school vision: creativity, challenge, curiosity, empathy and compassion.

We would like to encourage parents to look through this booklet with their child and plan which challenges they would like to complete. Some of the challenges are designed to be done exclusively at home, others are designed with school in mind.

Please take a look through the list of ideas for each year group on these pages. We are setting every child the target of completing 101 challenges between the beginning of Reception and the end of Year 6.

Take a look and see what’s in store.