Bailey's Court Primary School


Please click on the links below to view our school policies.

Admissions Policy - P62 Issue 5.pdf
Alc, Drugs & Sub Misuse Policy-P57 Issue 6.pdf
Bullying Policy - P27 Issue 12.pdf
Attendance Policy - P55 Issue 9.pdf
Behaviour and Discipline Policy - P25 Issue 13.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy - P71 Issue 5.pdf
Child Protection Policy - P24 Issue 15.pdf
Complaints Procedure Domino Alliance - Issue 1.pdf
Corporate Sponsorship, Marketing and Promotions Policy - P79 Issue 3.pdf
E Safety Policy - P66 Issue 6.pdf
Equality Policy - P58 Issue 5.pdf
Freedom of Information Policy - P75 Issue 4.pdf
Governor Allowances Policy.Issue 3.pdf
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy (Part 1) - P38 Issue 14.pdf
Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy (Part 2) - P38b Issue 14.pdf
home school agreement v 2.pdf
Keeping Pupils and Staff Safe Policy - P31 Issue 14.pdf
Management of School Trips and Visits - P17 Issue 8.pdf
Managing Medical Needs Policy - P40 Issue 10.pdf
Peer On Peer Abuse Policy - Issue 3.pdf
Play Policy - P60 Issue 4.pdf
RSHE Policy Issue 1.pdf
Special Educational Needs Policy - P21 Issue 11.pdf
Whistle Blowing Policy May 2019..pdf

Bailey's Court Primary School

Breaches Gate

Bradley Stoke

South Gloucestershire

Tel: 01454 838320


Twitter: @Baileysprimary

We are happy to supply paper copies of information from our website by request.