Bailey's Court Primary School


The School Day

Your child should arrive at school between 8.45am - 8.55am. Children should walk straight into their classrooms where registers are taken at 9.00am and any child arriving after 9.00am will be recorded as late.

Holidays and Requests for Absence

From September 2013, the Government withdrew the right for head teachers to grant 10 days holiday leave to children during the school year. The new guidelines are very specific that absence from school may only now be granted by the head teacher in ‘exceptional’ circumstances. Governors have agreed that this could include, attending music examinations, funerals or family weddings etc. The head teacher can only consider applications made using the ‘School Application for Absence Form’ (see link below) which must be submitted two calendar weeks ahead of the date requested for absence. Any request for holiday will not authorised.

Our absence request form is saved in pdf format. If your computer does not have a pdf reader installed please click on the Adobe icon below to download Adobe reader.

Attendance Policy - P55 Issue 8.pdf
Application for Absence Form - F007.pdf

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