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Please find below copies of the most recent letters that we have sent home with your children. We do try and keep this section up to date. If however you feel that there is a letter missing that does not appear on this site that you would like a copy of, please contact the school office.

Whole School Letters

Privacy Notice for pupils.pdf
Letter change of attendance Oct 2017.pdf

Reception Letters

Website OCTOBER New Parents Information Session

Year 1 Letters

Yr 1 Enterprise Letter.docx
Term 3 Homework letter.pdf
Term 4 Mrs Watkins.pdf
Term 4 Miss Lockett.pdf
Term 4 Mrs Hunter and Miss Morgan.pdf
Term 4 Miss Sprague.pdf
Year 1 Trip St Fagans Museum Feb 20.pdf
Class 4 BC Session dates letter
Class 5 BC Session dates letter
Year 1 meet the parents 2019-2020.pdf

Year 2 Letters

Term 4 Spellings Miss Proffitt.pdf
Term 4 Spellings Mrs Wakefield.pdf
Term 4 Spellings Mrs Trott.pdf
Term 4 Spellings Mrs Martin.pdf
Year 2 Enterprise Week.pdf
Class 6 BC Session dates letter
Class 7 BC Session dates letter
Year 2 Meet the Teacher 2019.pdf

Year 3 Letters

Miss Ockenden's Spellings Term 4.pdf
Miss Barnett's Spellings Term 4.pdf
Mrs Davies' Spellings Term 4.pdf
Mrs Roy's Spellings Term 4.pdf
T4 2020 Spelling Challenge Year 3 letter.pdf
Meet the teacher session.pdf

Year 4 Letters

Year 3 History quiz letter.pdf
Mrs Sunderland's Spelling list Term 3.pdf
Mrs Weeks' Spelling list Term 3.pdf
Mrs Britton's Spelling list Term 3.pdf
Miss Winward's Spelling list Term 3.pdf
Mrs Pitt's Spelling list Term 3.pdf
Miss Winward's Spelling list Term 3.pdf
16-01-2020 Yr 4 Synagogue Trip.docx
Consent letter.pdf
T3 History Challenge Letter.pdf
Meet the teacher session year 4 19-20

Year 5 Letters

Year 5 History Challenge.pdf
Mrs Bone's Spellings Term 4.pdf
Mr Stephens Spellings term 4.pdf
Year 5 Spelling Challenge Mrs Bone's spelling group.pdf
Year 5 Spelling Challenge Miss Wood-Sawyer's spelling group.pdf
Miss Wood-Sawyer's Spellings Term 4.pdf
Year 5 Spelling Challenge Mr Stephens spelling group.pdf
Meet the parents 2019

Year 6 Letters

Yea 6 History Challenge .pdf
Term 3 spellings Mr Higginson.pdf
Term 3 Spellings Mr Anderton.pdf
Term 3 spellings Miss Hussey.pdf
Life skills 2020.docx
Life skills PP 2020.docx

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We are happy to supply paper copies of information from our website by request.