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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium was introduced by the government in April 2011. Since that date, schools have been allocated funding for children from families who are eligible for free school meals, ‘looked-after’ children and children from families with parents in the Armed Forces. The Pupil Premium is also paid on the basis of pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years. The aim of the funding is to help raise standards for children in these groups.

For the year 2019-20, Bailey’s Court Primary School has received an allocation of £66,260. It is intended that this year’s funding will make a contribution towards:

· Inclusion Leader - an extended role for our SENDCO targeting further support for eligible children

· ‘The Nest’ (Nurture Group support) - an in-school setting providing targeted support for children with significant learning, social or emotional needs

· The Hub - an in-school setting providing a low-stimulation and alternative learning environment for children who may have a diagnosis of Autism and/or who struggle to learn in the mainstream classroom for long periods of time.

· Gem Power - provides children with the tools and incentives to build their resilience and help them become even better learners

· Stay & Play/Learn - sessions with parents and children in school to promote partnership

· Springboard - designated teaching time to focus on learning interventions both in KS1 and KS2

· Parent Link - supporting children and parents throughout the school, enabling them to address family issues that may be impacting on learning in school

· Numicon - a practical approach to the teaching of basic skills in maths aiming to secure a solid foundation in maths learning across KS1, Y3 and Y4

· On-Line Maths Learning - ‘My Maths’ is an online resource that can be accessed both at home and in school to support learning

· On-Line Reading Scheme (Bug Club) - designed to motivate children to read more regularly across a wide range of styles and genres

· Talk for Writing - a revised approach to the teaching of writing, with the aim of further securing and accelerating the development of writing for children from Y1 to Y4

· 6 Week Intervention programmes - designed to provide specific support for children’s learning supported by a teaching assistant

· Power of Reading - supporting children to become more confident and successful writers by introducing them to inspirational, modern texts

· Forest Schools - a holistic approach aimed at supporting learning through the development of outdoor learning experiences

· Day and Residential Visits - providing opportunities in the local area and removing financial barriers that might otherwise prevent children taking part in these key experiences

· School Mini Bus - enabling children to make visits within the Bristol area and capitalise on local facilities

· Counselling - regular, timetabled sessions to support children individually

· ICT Based Learning Resources & Learning Apps - Android tablets in all classes to support learning and boost access for children who do not have internet access at home.

· Lunchtime Support Groups - continue with a range of friendship/nurture/learning groups with a focus on a range of activities to include gardening projects and access to IT resources

In addition to the list above, we also aim to improve participation in a wide range of enrichment activities that we can offer both in and outside of school. For eligible children, we will be offering a package with a 50% discount on these activities:

ü Residential school camp (Y6)

ü Educational school visits

ü Musical instrument lessons

Included in this, we will be offering a free set of school uniform (to be purchased by the school) and a free place at our breakfast club. We will also be providing an additional 50% contribution of up to £100 towards a club that is run either inside or outside of school. It would be a requirement that any club would promote the values of the school.

Observations, discussions with parents and children and attainment data show that the initiatives outlined above allowed a large number of target children to gain in confidence and further build their numeracy and literacy skills.

The Pupil Premium funding makes a major contribution towards the provision we are able to make for our target children.

Please click on the link below to read a detailed analysis of our expenditure on pupil premium last year and our proposed spending plans for the current year.

PP Review document.BCPS.2020-21.pdf

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