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Covid-19 Response

Remote Learning at Bailey’s Court Primary School

Information for Parents/Carers

During the lockdown period which started on 4th January 2021, the teaching and learning of children at Bailey’s Court Primary will be presented remotely using either the Google Classroom platform or Tapestry. All children, from years 1 - 6, will be able to access their planned learning on Google Classroom using their personal email addresses. Each year-group will have its own ‘classroom’ where children will be able to watch pre-recorded videos (created by their class teachers or drawn from other sources), join ‘Morning Meet’ sessions where they can listen to and speak with their class teacher and classmates, access all their planned learning each day and also submit the learning they have completed for the teachers to mark and return. On the ‘stream’ pages, teachers will also be posting other messages, activities and videos to ensure regular contact and promote well-being. In addition, teachers will be phoning families once per fortnight to chat with your child, to find out how they are and offer support with the remote learning.

Learning Schedules

The learning on Google Classroom is organised under daily headings to try and help children and families organise and prioritise their learning over the week. We understand that there are occasions when it is difficult to stick to a strict timetable which could mean that learning is not completed on the scheduled day. Please do not worry if this happens but we do ask that children complete as much learning as they can by the deadline given.

Where a family is not able to access the Google Classroom because there isn’t a device available for your child to use, please do let us know immediately and we will do everything we can to make a laptop available as soon as possible. In some cases, we will be able to offer learning packs for individual children if their needs are more specific.

Engagement with Remote Learning

Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are expected to spend 3 hours each day on their learning and for children in Key Stage 2 the expectation is 4 hours of learning each day. Here is an outline of how long the learning that is planned by your child’s teachers should take each day:

  • 1 hour of English each day (a mix of reading comprehension, grammar and extended writing)

  • 1 hour of Maths each day

  • 20 minutes of independent reading

  • 20 minutes of spelling/phonics

  • 20 minutes of number bonds/tables

  • 1 hour a day of topic/creative activity

In addition to this children are encouraged to exercise regularly and see how many of their ‘101 challenges’ that they can complete.

Ideas to Help with Remote Learning

All families are different and everyone will find their own ways to manage their time during lockdown. From some the conversations that we have had with our children, our families, other teachers in other schools and other professional organisations, we have put together this short list of ideas which might support you at home:

  • Build routine into the day. Agree a start time each day for your children’s learning to begin.

  • Join ‘Morning Meets’ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Aim to complete all pieces of planned learning for each school day.

  • Plan breaks for your children at regular times each day. These could be similar to the break times at school.

  • If children are able to have a snack and a drink during the morning, this will boost their concentration.

  • Try and stick to the English and maths tasks in the morning (when the children are fresher) and then focus on the more creative and physical activities in the afternoons.

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